Health & Safety (H&S) is always the first agenda item for Origin Invest’s Board of Directors, who receives monthly reports. Our top priority is keeping our employees and the people who work for us safe and healthy.

Systems and certification

Our businesses have formal H&S management systems in compliance with HSG 65 and BS ISO 9001:2015 / BS ISO 18001. Our UK region is officially certified to the upgraded standard ISO: 9001:2015 standard. Origin’s systems include clear policies and frameworks for communication and awareness-raising, and for on-going training. We rigorously assess contracts for H&S risks at each stage: design, delivery and use.

Safety data

Since 2009, our Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) was 0, where 100% of projects achieved zero reportable accidents.

No° of RIDDOR Over 7 Day Injuries to employees during last 12 months
(All works) – Nil
No° of RIDDOR Major Injuries to employees during last 12 months
(All works)-Nil

No° of RIDDOR Dangerous Occurrences experienced during the last 12 months
(All works)-Nil


Origin Invest Ltd is accredited with globally recognized Health & Safety Management Systems certification BS OSHAS 18001:2007, also BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Managemnet Systems certification:

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