“Corporate governance harmonizes with the sustainable development of organizations.”

We establish polices and guidelines to conduct business based on the principles of good corporate governance: transparency, equality, rendering of accounts and corporate responsibility.

With the objective to improve our business management practices and expand our relationship with the capital market, Origin Invest adhered to Corporate Governance guide lines, establishing new parameters in the relationship with shareholders and investors.

Our Corporate Governance process is reviewed on a yearly basis and progressive actions are sent to all company departments by senior management.

Origin is committed to rules of disclosure (transparency), such as: improved quarterly information; disclosure of stockholders’ agreements, stock purchase option plans, and contracts with related parties.

As well as the disclosure commitments, Origin engage KPMG Law to manage our business obligation and advise on how to best achieve the requirements of each tax jurisdiction essential to ensuring legal compliance.

Follow this link to see our compliance and obligations for our operations in Norway.