Origin Invest designs solutions for professionally categorised investors willing to invest in nature-based solutions. Founded in 2009, with the financial and technical resources to execute projects from the most basic to the highly complex

Our strategies are aimed at financing projects that combine profit with purpose: ecosystem conservation, restoration and sustainable livelihoods for local communities.

The 2020 pandemic and social unrest over racial inequality, focused our operational practices in regards to environmental, social and governance issues, (ESG). Our expectations in the second decade of Origin Invest have changed, and Origin has divested. Beyond the pursuit of returns, there is now also a desire to invest in a way that is useful to the economy. Our investment strategy makes it possible to finance projects and companies at any stage of maturity that provide solutions to sustainable development challenges while pursuing ‘alpha’ (α) financial performance.


Society and businesses continue to confront risks arising from climate change and resource depletion. Rising populations and consumption patterns place increased pressures on terrestrial, marine and atmospheric systems, leading to further resource and supply chain challenges.

Today the earth takes 1.3⁄4 years to regenerate what is used by humanity in a single year.

This is most evident in the forest — we lost 130 million hectares of forest between 1990 and 2016, with this loss contributing nearly 20% of annual greenhouse gas emissions.


2020 Origin Invest completed the acquisition of 280,000 hectares of forestry in Amazonia. Our investment aims to slow down deforestation, mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity and provide a fair and sustainable living to rural communities, whilst our strategy offers a good return on capital. Available to accredited investors only

2024 Origin Invest completes Real Estate acquisition and registered a 99-year lease in the Supreme Court of Palau for Luxembourg Investment Fund, consisting of 2,544,192 Sqm of land with “Fair Market Value” / “As-Is” valuation of $20 per sqm. as $50,000,000. The Value creation Strategy is ‘Development’ aims to create a destination epitomizing luxury and beauty.Palau is in the Pacific and is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant marine ecosystem.

We support the restoration and protection of biodiversity and its habitats. The fund enables the use of REDD+ carbon credits to support the development of livelihoods based on sustainable land use and protection of ecosystems and the services they provide.